Candice Hernandez

Candice Hernandez is a Registered Nurse in New Jersey. She loves the outdoors, crafts, watching movies, and playing video games with her kids and husband. Candice has spent her life being an advocate for mental health and believes strongly in gaming being used as a tool to reach people.

Barry Eversley

CEO of Lords Of Gaming, Host of Iron lords Podcast, LLC, and VR Platform Integrity Lead. Providing gamers a safe haven means the world to Barry “Lord Cognito” Eversley. Since the days of his youth where “Momma Cog” allowed him the opportunity to host MANY close friends for gaming

Antonio Hernandez Sr.

Web developer, entrepreneur, husband to Candice, and father of four. Antonio Hernandez Sr. loves video games, tech, and sports. A few years ago together with Barry “Cognito” Eversley and Kevin “iDizzy Wain, he built A place for video game news and a celebration of gaming. Which was created